Francisco Javier Martinez Antonio

Francisco Javier Martinez Antonio
Résidents Labex RFIEA+
pas Eurias

dates de séjour

14/09/2015 - 12/02/2016


Histoire coloniale et postcoloniale
Histoire des sciences et des technologies

Fonction d’origine

Marie Curie Fellow

Institution d’origine

Laboratoire SPHERE, CNRS-Université Paris-Diderot (France)

Fonction actuelle

Chercheur associé

Institution actuelle

Université d'Evora (Portugal)

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projet de recherche

Unhealthy circulations: epidemics, medicine and public health in regional tensions between Morocco and Algeria (1878-1927)

The méfiance réciproque between Morocco and Algeria is one of the major factors behind the shortcomings of ambitious trans-Maghreb cooperation initiatives or the persistence of regional conflicts such as the Western Sahara question. Our research project, essentially interdisciplinary, aims to explore the circulation of epidemics, medical personnel and public health ideas as a crucial factor in the origin of Algerian-Moroccan tensions during the crucial period of French takeover over the second territory (1877-1927). Although usually neglected in traditional political and military historiography, issues of medicine, health and disease played a major role in this regional struggle. In present-day global governance, climate, water or disease can perpetuate conflicts, but can also be a way to find peaceful, sustainable solutions.


Francisco Javier Martinez-Antonio currently works at the Interdisciplinary Centre for History, Cultures and Societies (CIDEHUS), Universidade de Évora. Francisco Javier does research in History of Science, International History and Politics and International Relations. His most recent publication is 'Mad at Tangier: Hygienist discourses, mental disorders, and European competition for hegemony in early twentieth-century Morocco.'​