Ding Ning

Ding Ning

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23/04/2012 - 08/05/2012




Professor of Art History and Theory


School of Arts, Peking University

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Suddenly modern : traditional Chinese Aesthetics in Transformation at the opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games


DING Ning, Ph.D in Art Theory from Beijing Normal University in 1988; now Professor of Art History and Theory and Vice Dean at the School of Arts, Peking University; Research Interests: Art Theory, Cultural Studies, Museology, and Chinese Art.


Publications (among others): Dimensions of Reception (1990); Psychology of Visual Art (1994); Dimension of Duration: Toward a Philosophy of Art History (1997); Depth of Art (1999); Fifteen Lectures on Western Art History (2003); Spectrum of Images: Toward a Cultural Dimension of Visual Art (2005); and Heart-touching Western Art (2008); Translations (among others): Toward a Psychology of Art, by Rudolf Arnheim, Tradition and Desire: From David to Delacroix, by Norman Bryson, and Museum Skepticism: A History of the Display of Art in Public Galleries, by David Carrier. He has lectured world-widely and won some major fellowships attached respectively at the University of Essex, UK (1993-1994), Harvard University, USA (1998), University of Athens, Greece (2004), ZKM, Germany (2009) and Getty Research Institute (2010). He has also won several national prizes for his work.