Darien Davis

Darien Davis
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01/01/2021 - 01/08/2021


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Middlebury College (États-Unis)

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projet de recherche

Migration and Circulation of Brazilian, and Mapping Migrations through Museums

Two projects: 1. The book project entitled Black Orpheus, Migration, and the Circulation ofBrasiliana During the Cold War explores Brazilian culture in the United States and France at acritical crossroads in American and French societies. I examine the migration of Brazilian bodiesand cultural products to France and the United States in the 1960s after the success of the 1958film Black Orpheus. I analyze how Brazilian migration and the consumption of Brazilian cultureplayed strategic roles in the development of American and French domestic and foreign policyobjectives. 2. The related digital project, "Mapping Migrations"t documents online how countriescurate migrations.


Darién J. Davis is professor of history and chair of the history department at Middlebury College and former chair of Latin American Studies.  Davis teaches courses on Latin American, Caribbean and Atlantic world history with specialties in the history of migration and diaspora in the Atlantic world and comparative migration studies. He is the author of four book length manuscripts, three edited volumes, numerous peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and curricular development texts. A polyglot who has lived and worked in the Caribbean, South America, Canada, Europe and the United States, Professor Davis has worked as a consultant to a number of academic and non-government agencies including the London-based Minority Rights Group. His current work focuses on the insertion, perception and consumption of Brazilian migrants and culture into the political landscapes of Europe and the United States since World War II.