Olga Danilova

Olga Danilova

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01/09/2015 - 30/01/2016






Université fédérale de l’Oural

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projet de recherche

Le rôle des collectionneurs et de leurs collections dans la circulation des savoirs et dans le développement des relations franco-russes en sciences humaines (milieu du XIX s. - début des années 1920)

Since the middle of the XIX century, many French citizens had kept in touch with the Russian scientific world through the academic missions. These «erudites de terrain» mediated in a matter of knowledge sharing and exchange of experience and ideas between France and Russia. Among all other academic researchers of that time, the name of Baron Joseph de Baye stood out. During his 30 years in Russia the scientific interests of this archaeologist, ethnographer, historian, writer, collector and popularizer were boundless. J.de Baye played a big part in developing Franco-Russian cultural ties without any official and academic post. Due to his travels as well as donation and exchange experience a lot of French library and museum’s collections were enriched or even created. This research project offers a fresh approach to J.de Baye’s biography, collection and archive funds. This extraordinary approach explores the generation of knowledge between France and Russia and the evolution of such terms as «discipline» and «heritage».