Daniela Piana

Daniela Piana
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01/10/2017 - 30/06/2018



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Université de Bologne (Italie)

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projet de recherche

Beyond the "Etat" de droit. The social dimensions of legality in a European and comparative perspective

This project engages the pursuit of a new framework to analyze, monitor, assess the rule of law and the quality of justice in developed and consolidated democracies. It focuses on the quality of justice as a concept that encompasses the rule of law and other important dimensions of a just society and a good democracy. 
Rather than focusing exclusively and predominantly on the formal design of the legal and judicial institutions, the novelty of the project consists of casting light on the “law and justice phenomenon” first and foremost from a multi-dimensional point of view, which covers both the demand and the offer of the “law” and of “justice”. The epistemological foundations of this new approach as well as the methodological consequences that should be drawn from it are part of the project and will represent its first, groundbreaking product. It will consider the European member States, as first sample in the quantitative analysis. Then it will focus on two national cases, selected on the basis of the similarities in the procedural and constitutional dimensions of the judicial system, Italy and France. As a third and very important step, it will consider the level of social groups and communities in four urban context (Paris, Milan, Marseille, Catania), with the in depth study of the law and justice expectations and notions.


Daniela Piana is a professor of political science since 2014 at the University of Bologna, Italie. She was Jean Monnet Fellow (EUI), Fulbright Fellow (UC Berkeley), and is associate at the Institut des Hautes Etudes sur la Justice in Paris and at the Institute of social sciences of politics, ENS Paris Saclay. She coordinates "Just Europe", ICEDD Luiss, and collaborates with the School of Magistrates, the National Lawyers Association and the European Network for Judicial Training. Daniela Piana is co-chair of the Research Group EGPA Sociology of the State and of the Society for Comparative Legislation, member of the Observatory of the impact of the reforms for the economic growth (Cabinet of the Ministry of Justice) and delegate at the permanent round table of OECD on access to justice and Agenda 2030. In 2016 she was appointed by CRUI as member of the standing group « IT and justice » and coordinator of the bilateral round table « Court Organisation ».