Mariateresa Sartori

Mariateresa Sartori
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01/09/2011 - 21/09/2011
01/06/2012 - 30/06/2012


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- (Italie)

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The Physics of the City. Complexity in Urban Mobility Networks from Venezia to Marseille

The idea is to research the complexity degree in the mobility phenomena, assumed as an expression of the social composition and dynamics, which are in Marseille especially rich in variability and intertwined of differences. This project would be performed working with the physicist Bruno Giorgini in view of building up a common frame with a visual and multimedia communication system on the Marseille complex mobility networks. After collecting information, data, images and movies we shall analyze the material, in order to construct a visual and multimedia communication system showing the complexity and beauty of the Marseille mobility.


The work by Mariateresa Sartori is about constructing a system like the one based on constants and order, which is in fact the only way the human being has to achieve knowledge in his permanent effort towards omniscience. Once he has acknowledged the difficulty of understanding, he moves in the certainty of constants but within the limits of rules and systems that allow him to feel a part of the whole without having a necessary and absolute rationalistic knowledge. Thanks to this process he can embrace reality and go beyond the limits of mere rationalism that would compel him to a continuous tension. This is what happens in “ the hydraulics principle or the Constance principle”, where the projection of schematic graphs, images of test-tubes, water pistons, scales and communicating vessels paradoxically illustrates what happens in the psychic apparatus, i.e. something that by its nature cannot be represented. And again, what is emphasised in “No exception” is the comprehension of reality through schematisms and generalisations, main features of the human mind, always hungry for ordering and organising principles.


Mariateresa Sartori et Bruno Giorgini


21/05/2012 - 13:30 - 18:00