Vincent Della Sala

Vincent Della Sala
Résidents Labex RFIEA+
Résidents Programme EURIAS

dates de séjour

16/09/2013 - 15/07/2014


Sciences politiques

Fonction d’origine


Institution d’origine

Université de Trente (Italie)

pays d'origine


projet de recherche

Political Myth and Mythology in Transnational Governance : The Case of the European Union

The research to be carried out for the duration of the EURIAS fellowship focuses on the role of political myth and mythology in the construction of the European Union. The aim is not to expose the gaps between “myth and reality” in the EU. Rather the aim is to explore the role that myth has played and to ask whether the greatest obstacle facing closer political integration is the lack of political myths. The project is interdisciplinary by definition, drawing upon cultural anthropology, comparative literature, sociology, political science and public policy. The research will focus on both official texts and broader public discussion about the EU. The period of the fellowship would be spent completing the analysis of these texts and to write a book manuscript.


Vincent Della Sala is associate professor of political science at the University of Trento (Italy) and adjunct professor of political science at the School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University. He received his undergraduate degree at McGill University, an MA from New York University and his doctorate from the University of Oxford. He has held teaching positions in the United Kingdom, Canada and, since 2003, Italy. His research focuses on the political economy of advanced industrialised states and on issues related to legitimacy and European integration.