The kin's men Equipe

The kin's men Equipe
pas labex
pas Eurias

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09/06/2016 - 13/07/2016


Informatique et systèmes intelligents
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Non-equilibrium versus optimization approaches to the origin of social groups

This project will assess to what extent the observed social structure in various primate species, including humans, can be described as the result of two competing drives: the first, a dynamical multi-objective optimization based on temporal and cognitive costs; the secondo, a non-equilibrium fission-fusion group dynamic based on the group’s social function. We will further investigate how an eventual optimization mechanism is shaped by the structural requirements on network processes, in particular information spreading and (resistance to) disease spreading within and among social groups. The team was assembled in order to cover the full range of disciplines required by the project: anthropology, non-equilibrium physics, dynamical processes on complex temporal networks, and cognitive science.


Simon DEDEO (Indiana University & Santa Fe Institute,) - Expertise: physics, networks science cognitive science

Marcus J. HAMILTON (Santa Fe Institute) - Expertise: evolutionary anthropology

Giovanni PETRI (ISI Foundation) - Expertise: network science, computational topology methods for complex systems

Samuel V. SCARPINO (Santa Fe Institute) - Expertise: biology, epidemiology