Thomas Macias

Thomas Macias
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03/09/2018 - 05/07/2019



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University of Vermont (États-Unis)

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projet de recherche

Immigration, Social Context and Sustainable Practices in Marseille, France

Research in the U.S. has drawn attention to high levels of concern for environmental issues and support for pro-environmental policies among race and ethnic minorities relative to the majority population. I predict that in other contexts where people migrating from countries with relatively small per capita ecological footprints arrive in places with relatively large per capita ecological footprints elevated levels of environmental concern will also be observed among the immigrant population. Through the IMéRA/Fulbright Partnership in Migration Studies at Aix-Marseille Univeristy, I propose a ten-month study. Utilizing face-to-face interviews and a mail survey, I will gather data about how nation-wide sustainability curricula have been carried out and received by the immigrant-origin population in Marseille, France.


Thomas Macias is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Vermont. His publications include the book, Mestizo in America: Generations of Mexican Ethnicity in the American Southwest, and articles in Society and Natural Resources, Environmental Sociology, Environment and Behavior, Rural Sociology, Qualitative Sociology, Ethnicities, and the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation. His sociological research began in the American Southwest where he has written about environmental justice issues surrounding forest management in northern New Mexico, and the multigenerational context of ongoing Mexican immigration in Santa Clara County, California and Maricopa County, Arizona. An underlying theme in his work is that in a world where market forces see individuals as primarily a consumer source of profit, people fare much better when they have a variety of people to rely on for information, friendship and mutual support.