Roberto Frega

Roberto Frega

dates de séjour

01/10/2011 - 30/06/2012






Université Alma Mater, Bologne, Italie

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projet de recherche

The Social Sources of Normativity : a practice-based approach to the study of norms

In this research project I propose an approach to normativity and to the functioning of norms in the coordination of social life that is based upon a theory of normativity as practice. The aim of this project is threefold. Firstly, to show that our understanding of normativity remains utterly opaque as long as we do not take into account its practical dimension. Secondly, to prove that sociality is one of the central sources of normativity and that the functioning of normativity cannot be fully understood unless the epistemic implications of the social dimension are considered. Thirdly, to develop a theoretical model and conceptual tools to be used in the analysis and resolution of moral disagreements and political controversies. A pragmatist epistemology of practices is the conceptual framework within which this project has been conceived, while the theory of rationality as a social institution is the conception of rationality that grounds it. Jointly, these approaches require and justify the thoroughly interdisciplinary approach to normativity that this project intends to pursue.


Cette résidence a bénéficié d'une aide de l'État gérée par l'Agence nationale de la recherche dans le cadre des programmes d'Investissements d'avenir au titre du Laboratoire d'excellence RFIEA+.


My academic work in philosophy is broadly inscribed into the pragmatist tradition. After a degree and a M.A. in French contemporary philosophy, in 2004 I have completed a Phd on John Dewey’s epistemology. After a thorough reconstruction of some strands of pragmatist epistemologies, I have worked towards the development of a contemporary theory of practical rationality based upon pragmatist and expressivist sources.


Starting from 2009, my research has begun to focus on the naturalistic basis of the epistemology of practice, and notably on the sustainability of an evolutionary interpretation of epistemology.


In 2009, with Rosa M. Calcaterra and G. Maddalena I have launched a new philosophical journal devoted to Pragmatism and American Philosophy: the European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy