Marta Jecu

Marta Jecu
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07/01/2019 - 07/06/2019


Arts et études des arts

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Collège d'études mondiales, FMSH (France)

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projet de recherche

Exodus Stations = Contemporary Art and the Ethnographic Museum =

This research project is studying improvement of display strategies in museums of material culture (especially ethnology) towards a politically aware display – by involving artistic and creative practices that can be accessible to a large audience. The aim is to theorize and implement the contribution of artistic practice for a more analytic and efficient reception of heritage and of transmission of information in museums, which inscribes itself in the framework of de-colonising studies. The project develops a multidisciplinary approach of intellectual history and follows the implication of contemporary art for reshaping the discourse and the role of the museum in the urban cultural landscape. Based on theoretical research and case studies in six European ethnologic museums, the project will follow the way in which contemporary art can enhance museums as an active and effective agent of dissemination and critical reception of cultural patrimony.


Marta Jecu is currently researcher at Collège d'études mondiales, Paris. Previously she has been enrolled as researcher at CICANT , Universidade Lusofona, Lisbon. She is freelance curator and journalist. She has published in magazines like: E-Flux, Kaleidoscope, Berlin Art Link, Idea Art +Society, Journal of Curatorial Studies, Esse Arts + Opinions and various books. She curated in 2017 the solo-show of George Bodocan at the Romanian Cultural institute in Paris, in 2016 TIMEFALLS at Galeria Baginski Lisbon, in 2015 IN ABSENTIA, at Galeria Graca Brandao. She curated the show SUBTLE CONSTRUCTION in Lisbon and edited the volume: Marta Jecu (Ed.): Subtle Construction, Bypass, Malmo, Lisbon, 2011; She curated Open Monument at Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Berlin in 2013 and edited OPEN MONUMENT, Revolver Verlag, Berlin. She curated DEVOUR Project, a series of three exhibitions in Berlin at Freies Museum and Zentrum Fuer Kunst und Urbanismus (ZKU) Berlin. Her main project is currently EXODUS STATIONS in Portugal, Germany and France, starting with 2 exhibitions in 2017. Her volume Architecture and the Virtual was published in 2016 at University of Chicago Press (U.S.) and Intellect Book (U.K.).