Venzha / Vincensius Christ / Christiawan

Venzha / Vincensius Christ / Christiawan
Résidents Labex RFIEA+
pas Eurias

dates de séjour

20/02/2017 - 14/07/2017


Arts et études des arts

Fonction d’origine

Artistic Director

Institution d’origine

Fondation HONF (Indonésie)

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projet de recherche

(under) standing : (micro) cosmos and (macro) cosmos

What I want to build in this residency program is one interactive installation that talking about : micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos conception / and also will give a question about what is alternate universes.

The aim of the installation is to create and to feel the perspective of view between what we can see or hear to our universe and where they are come from, related with something that near by us as a human being, -using- “plant as an example of life form” also as a metaphor to understanding how big it is.

Of course prominent physicists disagree about whether the multiverse may exist, and whether it is even a legitimate topic of scientific inquiry, but the important angle of this idea is to bring us to think the million possibilities out there that never ending to discover.


Vincensius ‘venzha’ Christiawan (1975), male, Indonesia, 1996 graduated from interior design faculty (BA), Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI). Focus on new media art since 1999, and built ‘the house of natural fiber, yogyakarta new media art laboratory’ (HONF), that determined to fuse education, art and technology with local communities without cultural limitation. He was produced and organized lot of projects such as public art installation, media performance, media art festival, technology research, videowork festival, workshops, discussion, DIY gathering, electronic and media culture movement, etc. Venzha is founder of HONF lab, 10:05 news project, and electrocore sound project. He and community were presenting media art projects in many places and country worldwide. HONF produced special projects in media art field called Education Focus Program (EFP).The goal of the Education Focus Program (EFP) is to build connections and interactions between local/creative communities (whose interest and focus is on new media), scientists, and creators/artists. A second innovative aim is to make a connection between universities with expertise in technology and media artists/theorists who are interested in new media art and technology. Herewith, he tries to reinforce the interest in and analysis of technology in artistic production and theory. He intends and focuses for built new bridge between art and technology it self in Indonesia together with HONF. Venzha is a conceptor and director also for YIVF (Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival) and CELLSBUTTON (Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival), which produced and organized by HONF every year.