Sitharamam Kakarala

Sitharamam Kakarala
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01/01/2009 - 30/06/2009
01/05/2017 - 30/06/2017



Fonction d’origine


Institution d’origine

Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bengalore (Inde)

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Institution actuelle

Azmi Premji University, Bengalore (Inde)

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projet de recherche

Culture and Constitutionalism. Rethinking the Rights Question in India

The ‘rights question’ in India has so far been analysed as though the underlying philosophical questions, such as (i) what are the underlying assumptions in the invocations of ‘rights’ in the popular and intellectual discourses?, (ii) what are the perceived assumptions about the making of the ‘citizen-subject’?, (iii) how do people think and understand the conceptual meaning (s) of rights?, (iv) how to analyse the role or influence of ‘rights’ in the making of modern India?, (v) how to understand and critique the role of colonial modernity in constructing an history of rights in India, or more ambitiously, an history of Indian constitutionalism? There is now a significant body of critical post-colonial writings that tried to theorise the problematic of ‘modernity’ in post-colonial experiences and to present nuanced analytical possibilities ranging from diverse conceptualisations of ‘regional modernities’ to critical cultural interrogations of the project of liberalism in the post-colonial experiences. Although some of these theoretical insights found their way into recent writings on law and culture and legal ethnographies in the west and to an extent in the writings on colonial legal histories in the Sub-Continent, the theoretical recasting of law and rights, and therefore constitutionalism in the Sub-Continent has still to happen in a significant way. The project will draw from my last years of work on law, culture and rights in such a way that could help present a theoretical grid to critically recast the ‘rights question’ in modern Indian history.


Sitharamam Kakarala teaches Law and Justice in a Globalizing World and Comparative Public Law/Systems of Governance at Glocal University, Uttar Pradesh where he was the Vice Chancellor. Prior to that, he was briefly a Visiting Professor at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru and for much longer periods a Professor at the Centre for Culture and Society and at the National Law School of India, Bangalore. Sitharamam Kakarala holds a Ph.D. in Political Science, from the Centre for Social Studies, Surat and a Master’s degree in Political Philosophy from the University of Madras. He has aLLM in Human Rights Law from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. He obtained a British Chevening Fellowship in Human Rights Law and a Commonwealth Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Human Rights.