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Resanita Equipe
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03/04/2018 - 27/04/2018


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Sciences de la terre, de l’environnement et du climat

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Eines Von Fielen!

Eines Von Fielen! is a project of RESANITA (Anita Fuchs and Resa Pernthaller) in cooperation with Ilja Reiter, member of the research federation ECCOREV (terrestrial ecosystems and environmental risks) and the manager of the observatory the head of the Institut O3HP (Oak Observatory at the OHP), Saint-Michel-LOb- servatoire/France as a part of the Institutes IMBE (Mediterranean Institute of Marine and terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology), Marseille, France.

The technocratic challenge has separated a huge portion  of mankind from the link to their natural surroundings, im- mediate and more remote. It is our philosophy to attempt to bring together human spirit with our phenomenal envi- ronment, the beauty of nature one the one side, and the traces & impacts of societal, historical & political issues on the other. We want to attract attention by visualising what is hidden to & from the human eye and what was forgotten in time and space.

In this ‘Science Art’ project we will build a specific link bet- ween the population resident to the HAUTE-PROVENCE/ Marseille Region and the inherent forests of Downy Oak (Chêne blanc, Quercus pubescens Willd.). We chose Downy oak forests, as it is a common ‘unspectaclular’ surrounding, but these are likely to be submitted to substantial changes in future climate scenarios1 and as local industry counts on their exploitation as a source of alternative energy2, i.e. in any scenario this environment is bound to change its looks.


Resa PERNTHALLER, artiste, Autriche

Anita FUCHS, artiste, Autriche

Ilja REITER, biologiste en écologie, chef de projet O3HP, IR-CNRS, Marseille, France