Cristina Ferrandez Box

Cristina Ferrandez Box
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09/09/2019 - 07/02/2020


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Constellations Project

The ongoing project consists of a research: the lichens sampling from natural sites, and their scientific, symbolic, and artistic possibilities as conceptual as material. Lichens represent a living example of Universal Symbiogeneis. This concept and lichens are the key of the project: the metaphor of a possible relationship and coexistence between humans and the Biosphere acording to the theory of Universal Symbiogenesis. Constellations Project deals with theoretical and philosophical issues of Symbiogenesis and poses the design and creation of a graphical and symbolic relations, atending to different parameters from ecological and economic sciences as a visual code: Biocapacity, Ecological Footprint, or Biological Wealth creation ... The area of inquiry attends to a titanic endeavour: the Prospective of the new challenges faced by humanity. The concept lies somewhere in between what economic, technologic and geopolitical research areas call Foresights and Future Studies. International research institutes on these fields exist all over the World. My approach implies that Art and Culture can take part in this proccess too.


Cristina Ferrández is a visual artist and researcher. She works in the area of artistic creation as a reflective process, developing visual projects that value the territory. She analyzes the perception of landscape and its social, geopolitical, symbolical, scientific, and environmental connotations. Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Castilla la Mancha (Spain) in 1998, she completed a dissertation towards a PhD in Fine Arts in 2002 at the University Miguel Hernández (Spain). She also studied two years of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and a postgraduate in Digital Video Art at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (Spain). Recent solo shows include “The non visible” at Centro de Arte de Alcobendas in Madrid, 2018; “Fields of Utopia” at Puxagallery during Apertura event in Madrid, 2018; “La fuga de Perséfone” at Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto, Fundación de Cultura, Gijón (Spain), 2017; “Oceanic pulse” production grant from Centro Valey in Asturias; “Instante entropía” at Museo Barjola in Gijon and “Paso de gigantes” at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. Gijón, 2014, among others. She has developed artistic projects related with landscape and nature, such as, Blacklock Nature Sanctuary, Minessota; East Jerusalem-09 Arab Capital of Culture, Palestina; Territorios de Encuentro, Patagonia; Threshold of Time Symposium, Portland; Instantes de Paisaje’09 CDAN, Huesca. She has been awarded grants by several institutions, such as: Factoría Cultural in Avilés (Spain), 2017; Cajastur, 2011; Fundación Bilbao Arte Fundazioa, 2006; Centro de Escultura Museo Antón de Candás, 2010; Al-Norte grants, 2007 and Universidad de Castilla la Mancha at the Hochschule Für Grafik Und Buchkunst von Leipzig, 1997.