Andrea Khalil

Andrea Khalil
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01/01/2022 - 15/07/2022


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The City University of New York

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French Islam: Racializing Discourses and Institutions

This project draws on literary analysis, contemporary social sciences, and first hand interviews to examine racial discourses about Muslims in France. With the strength of historical context we see how Muslims have been racialized, through discourses, institutions, and a history of colonial domination. I aim to contextualize discourses, so-called theories of ‘knowledge’ about Muslims.


This historical context can allow us to articulate Islam in France beyond this reductionist and racial framework and understand its imbrication with institutional and national exclusions of Muslim communities. Through an analysis of the current institutions and discourses to which French Muslims are subjected one can hope to shift institutional dynamics relating to these demographics.


Titulaire de la chaire Germaine Tillion.


Andrea Khalil is a Professor at the City University of New York in the Department of Comparative Literature at Queens College (CUNY) and in the Doctoral Program in French and the Program in Middle Eastern Studies at the Graduate Center (CUNY).


PhD of Harvard University, she has conducted  research in several Mediterranean countries: France, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya. Her experience in Tunisia is extensive, with many research trips there including being a Fulbright Scholar (2012-2013) and as Director of Le Centre d'Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis. She is the Editor of The Journal of North African Studies.


She is is the author of Crowds and Politics in North Africa: Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. (2014) and The Arab Avant-Garde: Experiments in North African Art and Literature. (2003). She is the editor of two collected volumes Women, Gender and the Arab Spring (2015) and North African Cinema in a Global Context: Through the Lens of Diaspora. (2008).