Prisons and Cemeteries : Moroccan Sites of Memory


Thursday 14 November 2013, 14h00 - 18h00


Collegium de Lyon, salle R143, 15 parvis René-Descartes, 69007 Lyon

Prisons and Cemeteries : Moroccan Sites of Memory

Workshop organisé par Susan Slyomovics.


Among the variety of social and political opportunities to achieve repair and redress are national and grassroots movements to erect grave markers, plaques, memorials, monuments, and museums to an eradicated past that documents a difficult heritage of shame and pain. Demarcating the material imprint of the autocratic past is the latest phase in Morocco following the establishment of the 2004-5 Equity and Reconciliation Commission (Lajnat al-Insaf wa-al-Musalaha in Arabic and in French, Instance Équité et Réconciliation).


Anthropologie et ethnologie
17/09/2013 - 14/07/2014