Équipe Data-driven Exploration of Dynamical Networks

Équipe Data-driven Exploration of Dynamical Networks

dates de séjour

01/04/2011 - 30/04/2011



pays d'origine


projet de recherche

DExDyN (Data-driven Exploration of Dynamical Networks)

The present proposal aims at developing exploratory visual frameworks that are capable of conveying both the social and the dynamical aspects of digitally-represented activity records from mobile devices and wearable sensors. The goal is to overcome the static nature of traditional representations by leveraging dynamical quantities and exposing interactions and patterns over time, in a way that effectively supports reasoning on these complex data sources. The proposal willaddress this challenge bridging the gap between the complex networks perspective and the designperspective, where visual communication - and in particular the language of cartography – acquires a role complementary to textual communication.


Les membres de l’équipe :

  • Chiro CATTUTO, chercheur en sciences des réseaux complexes (ISI Torino), coordinateur,
  • Wouter VAN DEN BROECK, chercheur et designer (dynamic visualisation, artscience, interaction design)
  • Marco QUAGGIOTTO, chercheur sur les réseaux complexes (ISI Torino) et designer (Politecnico di Milano)


Ressources complémentaires

Marco Quaggiotto – Website : http://www.knowledgecartography.org
Ciro Cattuto – Website : http://isiosf.isi.it/~cattuto
Wouter Van den Broeck – Website : http://www.addith.be/